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The Masorti Movement is committed to a pluralistic, egalitarian, and democratic vision of Zionism. Masorti represents a “third” way. Not secular Judaism. Not ultra-Orthodoxy. But a Jewish life that integrates secular beliefs. Halakhah with inclusion and egalitarianism. Tradition that recognizes the realities of today’s world. Masorti engages tens of thousands of Israelis each year, young and old, native born as well as olim from around the globe. Click here to read more about Masorti



Fulfilling PM Netanyahu’s Promise to Reform & Conservative Jews

  • 2015-11-12

A Jewish woman wears a prayer shawl as she prays at the Western Wall, the holiest site where Jews can pray in Jerusalem's old city.A Jewish woman wears a prayer shawl as she prays at the Western Wall, the holiest site where Jews can pray in Jerusalem's old city, Monday, Nov. 4, 2013. Cre...

Masorti is celebrating!

  • 2015-10-27

It is the 20th anniversary of our Bar and Bat Mitzvah Program for Children with Disabilities (part of Adraba, the Shirley Lowy Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities.) Click here to read more. Twenty years ago, Conservative Judaism’s interpretation of Halacha (Jewish law) expanded, opening up a wo...

Challenges to Religious Freedom in Israel

  • 2015-08-25

bbmtgialiyah12-11 Since Mayor Malul canceled the Bar Mitzvah ceremony for children with disabilities much has changed. Click here for recent me...

Masorti's Dare to Dream Gala - A huge Success!

  • 2015-04-19

IMG_3599 On April 27th, the Masorti Foundation hosted its most successful Tribute Gala ever. Entitled Dare to Dream, the Gala’s theme obviously resonated with honorees, Rabbi Gordon Tucker, Susan and William Yarmuth of Louisville, KY and Yizhar Hess, Mas...

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Judy Maltz

Judy Maltz

Haaretz / Israel


Jewish Pluralism Watch has been an incredible resource for me in recent days, as I profile new members of the Knesset and government and try to get a sense of their views on religion and state matters


Shimon Peres

Former Israeli President


The Masorti Movement in Israel is marking its anniversary. Quietly, systematically and guided by a love of Israel, the movement succeeded in establishing itself in Israel ... winning hearts. The challenge ahead of you is great ... you will rise to the challenge.


Rosh Hashannah Newsletter 2014

By Rabbi Alan Silverstein

Hanukah Newsletter 2014

By Rabbi Alan Silverstein